My New Camera – Sony Alpha 77

My New Camera – Sony Alpha 77

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The Sony Alpha 77

So I thought it was about time I upgraded. You know what it’s like, there are that many cameras to choose from, all say this is better than that. One person recommends this, but another says that this is better. So I did my research, and decided to purchase the Sony Alpha 77. Now you’re all thinking, why?

It is true, Canons and Nikons have been in the camera market for years, and have dominated it for years too, with their high quality lenses and durable camera bodies. However, Sony have certainly brought their game to the table, and thrown in a few tricks up their sleeves.

My first question was this, is Nikon and Canon really that much better than the Panasonic, Sony and Pentax with today’s market for DSLR’s? The truth is, Canon and Nikon is what the professional photographers have sworn by for so many years. And yes of course they do produce great photos, that really capture the moment. But truthfully now, how close have the other camera manufacturers come, in particular, the Sony Alpha 77.

The Sony Alpha 77 is different from any other traditional DSLR. It uses a different type of mirror to show you the image via the viewfinder, which we all prefer to use. It uses a semi translucent mirror, which does not move, but means that the camera can still focus onto the object you are targeting, even while you are taking the shots. Now this is ideal, especially if you have teamed your A77 up with a Carl Zeiss lens. You can capture crisp snaps, at the blink of an eye. This also means that you cannot use a standard, traditional optical viewfinder. So Sony decided to opt for a LED screen instead, inside the viewfinder. This, although it may feel different at first, I have come to love. The benefits are tremendous. I can now, press a button to the right of the lens on the body, and it will give me a preview of what my photo will look like with all the adjustments to the aperture, shutter speed, and exposure, inside the viewfinder. This means, when I take a photo, I can now have confidence I do not need to take another.

That brings me onto my next reason. The body itself is comfortable in your hand, grips well, is lighter than the equivalent Nikon and Canon. And the buttons are all in the right place. No more need to have to look up out of the viewfinder, to see what button you need to press. I feels great. Add that to the fact that there are well over 80 different lenses compatible, and that the body has built in dust resistance, and with Steady-Shot inbuilt the body, you never have to fork out too much for a lens.

Now the performance of the camera is vital. You need it to be quick to capture those perfect moments before it passes you by. The Sony Alpha 77 is perfect, as it shoots 12fps in it’s drive mode. I have coupled that with a SanDisk¬† Extreme 64GB SD Card with 45mb/s read and write speeds, to keep those snaps coming. It also records in full 1080p as well as (for European models) 50p and 25p.

So overall, I really do believe, that despite what many experts of the photography world may say, I would recommend the Sony Alpha 77 over any Nikon or Canon. The performance is fantastic. I love the sharp, crisp, vibrant photos. And the only reason I can imagine someone purchasing any other DSLR, would be if they already had too many lenses for either Nikon and Canon. Otherwise, I would make a switch to Sony any day.

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