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.net The old domain… reborn

SO .net has been around for quite a while now (since 1985 actually), and we always thought “would it really come back globally after the whole .com era?” Well here it is. Proof that you did not make a mistake in deciding on .net for your domain.

In fact, .net is fantastic for small businesses hoping to make their name known on the internet. It is now in fact ranked 3rd, after .com (1st) and .de (2nd). The tld .net is well known and trusted. It is stable and well known in the networking market.

So why not promote it more. I am! I think it should be up there with .com once more. So come on. Sign up

Get your .net now!

The Journey Begins Here…

Today is the day, LUXEdesigns, it’s online presence, begins.

LUXEdesigns, bringing you a quality service in Graphics, Printing, Web Design & Hosting, and Photography, has been making business with you all since October last year, but finally, the site has been redesigned and much more functional than it was before. In addition to the new updated website, there is now a Flickr page set up, with photos available to order. Check that out at luxedesigns.co.uk/flickr. There are many new and improved features to the site. So please, go ahead, explore.