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My New Camera – Sony Alpha 77

The Sony Alpha 77

So I thought it was about time I upgraded. You know what it’s like, there are that many cameras to choose from, all say this is better than that. One person recommends this, but another says that this is better. So I did my research, and decided to purchase the Sony Alpha 77. Now you’re all thinking, why?

The Journey Begins Here…

Today is the day, LUXEdesigns, it’s online presence, begins.

LUXEdesigns, bringing you a quality service in Graphics, Printing, Web Design & Hosting, and Photography, has been making business with you all since October last year, but finally, the site has been redesigned and much more functional than it was before. In addition to the new updated website, there is now a Flickr page set up, with photos available to order. Check that out at There are many new and improved features to the site. So please, go ahead, explore.